I am the CTO and Co-Founder of LegUp, which helps families find trusted care providers for their children. I'm the father of two children, a former CTO at CarRentals.com (part of the Expedia Group), and active voice developer and enthusiast with more than a dozen published Alexa skills. I'm passionately curious about new technologies and write articles about my technical explorations and leadership ideology.

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The most important skill for success at a startup

A love of continuous learning will help you thrive. Learn how you can cultivate this as a founder or startup executive


Build simple solutions to understand customer needs

How LegUp got simple data insights and helped shape the engineering culture early on. It reinforced that we want engineers who focus on the business problem at hand rather than building technology for technology's sake


My journey from Corporate Executive to Startup Co-Founder

Every career journey is unique, and that's even more true when making the move between the corporate and startup worlds. I share my personal journey over the last year that led to my becoming a startup co-founder


Advice from a developer, industry executive, and startup CTO

Summary from an Ask Me Anything session as a section leader for Stanford's Code In Place program.


What you need to know to build a serverless communication system

How you can use AWS technologies like SQS, SES, SNS, and Lambda to create a serverless system to automate delivery of e-mail messaesf


It’s never too early to set up a data lake

Is it ever too early to start thinking about collecting and using customer data? No! And you don't need millions of records or complex data pipelines to get started. Learn how I helped a startup gather and use their customer data


How to find and fix errors in your SSML responses

Ever gotten a cryptic error message back when developing for Alexa? It's a common frustration for developers when Alexa or Google Assistant doesn’t understand a response. Learn how to find and fix common errors in your SSML!


How Teaching Helped me Learn Better

Whatever your passion, teaching others can be not only be satisfying but be a way to learn more yourself. What's your passion And what's stopping you from sharing with others?


How to use your AWS data set to build simple business reporting

Learn how you can take advantage of customer information stored in your AWS databases to create automated e-mailed reports to provide insights into your business operaitons.